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IN THE ETERNAL DARKNESS the flashing of blue and red lights is the only illumination that can be seen. In the wake of the red and blue flashes the sound of lightsabers clashing can be heard and draw nearer; as do the flashes of light. Strangely enough voices can also be heard over the clashing lightsabers. “The boy belongs to me. My former apprentice.” says one of the voices. “I won’t allow you to corrupt him as you me!” says the other voice.

“MOMMY!” cried Jake. The dream had awoken the poor boy from his sleep for the third time in a month. He couldn’t understand why he was having this dream over and over, and the more he thought about it, the more it scared him. Suddenly his bedroom door slid open and his mother Rayla rushed in, wrapped the young five-year-old boy tightly in her arms and said, “Shh, its ok sweetheart, Mommy’s here.” “I-I had that dream again,” sobbed Jake, “but there were two voices too this time.” Every time Jake had the dream, more details came in which scared him further. Rayla hugged her son tighter in her arms to comfort him. She wished that she could make these nightmares go away and give her son peace, but knew there was nothing that she could do for him except comfort him whenever he had them.

      “Why do keep having these dream Mommy?” he asked as he looked up at her with tears in his eyes. Rayla looked down at Jake with and an expression on her face that was a mixture of assurance, empathy and something else that Jake didn’t notice at all. “I don’t know sweetie. But I know in my heart that one day when you become a great Jedi like you’ve always wanted, you will know why. It will become clearer in time.” After hearing his mother’s words, Jake started to feel a little better about it and managed to smile. Seeing her little boy smile put a smile on Rayla’s face as well. She then wiped the tears from his eyes and kissed him gently on his forehead. “I love you sweetie.” She told him “I love you too Mama.”

As soon as Jake went back to sleep Rayla thought, what do I do when he learns the truth?  She cared a great deal for Jake and feared for his future. She even feared the worse when he told that he wanted to be a Jedi; however, she tried her best to accept his choice and hoped for the best for him. As she lied down in her bed to get some much needed rest she quietly to herself, “May the Force be with you my son.” She then closed her eyes and fell asleep.
OK. after holding off on it for so long, I've finally started writing my Star Wars novel and want to share what I've written so far with all of you. Enjoy. ;)

Star Wars belongs to George Lucas & Disney
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felicityfalls Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2014  Student Digital Artist
I just finished reading this and it's really good! :D

I'm I reading this in the right order though? You're artists comment sounds like you've done others before.
IsaiahBelmont Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Really? :iconcuteblushplz:
kreedantillesordo Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey buddy! This is very good stuff you got here, I am in anticipation of the next chapter...
IsaiahBelmont Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
I'll bet ;)

It's gonna rock
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